As we select leaders for our different movements, we are looking for four things to be present in our applicants. These traits include being Faithful, a Leader, Available, and Teachable; or as we abbreviate it: FLAT. Here's what we mean:

Faithful: Being an active member in the movement you are applying for leadership with and committing to the responsibilities for the leadership position.

Leader: Being a person of influence with a willingness to focus on the needs of others.

Available: Willing to commit to being a part of a Community Group with Cru Central Coast as well as events, conferences, and leadership activities sponsored by your movement within Cru Central Coast.

Teachable: Having a desire to grow and a desire to receive input and feedback from others regarding your leadership.

As you consider leadership with Cru Central Coast, know that we are not looking for the "perfect" leader who has it all together, but rather someone willing to learn, grow, and pay attention to the needs of others.

We are so excited that you are considering leading with Cru Central Coast! Below, you will find a description of what leadership looks like and what different roles entail. Remember to look at the movement that you are involved in as that is where it makes the most sense for you to lead.


You may have noticed that a lot of things within Cru Central Coast are actually run and planned by students: worship, your Community Group, various events, and even whole movements. As we head into Spring, we are inviting people to consider joining in the mission and vision of Cru for the next school year through applying to be a student leader. To the right, you will find descriptions of the available leadership positions by movement as well as the application. Feel free to check out those documents to learn more about the roles available in your movement as well as the deadlines for your movement’s application. Remember to look at the movement you are involved in as that is where it makes the most sense for you to lead.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the process so you know what to expect as you apply:

  • Read Position Descriptions (to the right)
  • Submit your Leadership Application & Personal Bio
  • Talk with a Staff member
  • Staff or Core Leaders reach out to you about opportunities to serve

We look forward to hearing back from you.


To find out more and see a brief description of the available leadership positions for Cru Cal Poly, Epic, Greek Row, or other Cru Central Coast movements, please click the link below.

Position Descriptions


There are two parts to our application, so please fill out both the Leadership Application and the Personal Bio below and return both to us.

Leadership Application
Personal Bio

You can find out more information about where to submit your application by looking at the Position Descriptions document to the left.